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ADR Compliance

ADR Compliance


One of the most frequently asked questions we get is … Are your products for my car ADR Approved?

After many months of review, and summary meetings with Vic Roads, in conjunction with significant ongoing product testing, Roadsafe are pleased to advise that the following products, distributed by Roadsafe, are deemed to be ADR Compliant within Australia (under VSB14 National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification (NCOP) V3), and are subsequently legal for use on Public roads.

Products include, but are not limited to:

These products, that meet or exceed the specifications of the OE design component, and that are a standard R&R item (standard bolt on – no additional modifications required to make them fit), DO NOT require separate approvals to be used on Public roads within Australia under the NCOP VSB14.Further information on NCOP VSB14 can be found HERE.

Check out the current NCOP Vehicle Standards Bulletin Section LS specific to Suspension and Steering HERE.

Whilst the above is correct when it comes to VSB14 & the NCOP, and the listed components; there are many individual State & Federal laws governing the changes you can make to your vehicle if it is to be used for public road use in Australia. Roadsafe Automotive supply a range of products (outside of the above list) for off-road, competition vehicle use. Roadsafe Automotive at no time implies or suggests that all of the 4WD products sold or supplied from Roadsafe are legal and/or approved for public road use. Roadsafe Automotive, and/or any of its employed staff, is not in any position to give any legal advice on the rules, regulations or legalities of any products sold or fitted for any public road use in any specific state or territory, or part of Australia. It is solely up to the end purchaser to check with Local / State Transport Department, in addition to reading and understanding VSB14, to determine if these other products are legal to be used on your vehicle for public road use. Roadsafe Automotive accepts no responsibility for products supplied if they do not meet relevant state approvals to be used on Australian Roads.




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