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Useful info about replacing Idler Arms

There are several ways to make out whether your Idler arms need replacement or not. If your steering has become sloppy, steering wheel is moving from side to side without turning the wheels at all, or your wheels are tilting to the left or right when you go over a bump, it’s time to replace your idler arms.

Worn idler arm if not replaced can cause wandering, tyre edge wear, and loose or erratic steering. Although the labour charges for replacing the Idler and Pitman arms is not much, if you want you can do the job on your own as well.

You need some basic tools like drive wrench, socket, Pitman/Idler arm puller, drive socket, Torque wrench, screwdriver, wire cutter, jack stand, nose pliers, grease, cotton pins, and most importantly, new Idler arm.

Just make sure that you buy a good quality Idler manufactured to the highest standards. A good quality product would promise you of long lasting life and would prevent the steering system from getting loose or worn-out. 

Roadsafe Idler arms and Pitman arms guarantee the best pivoting support system. Ideal for vehicles with conventional suspension systems and parallelogram steering, Roadsafe arms can be used on many rear-wheel-drive vehicles and most light trucks. They are made to the exacting standards with accuracy in angles and dimensions to ensure factory steering geometry is maintained. Further, quality bush components are used to provide accurate steering.

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