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Upper Control Arms (UCA’s)

Roadsafe 4WD have identified a requirement for a program supplying replacement Upper Control Arm’s (UCA) that are fitted to a wide range of late model IFS vehicles.  As a result Roadsafe now have available the “Blackhawk UCA” program featuring products that will simply “bolt-in” offering marked improvements over the OE design, for a variety of applications.

The evolution of the Blackhawk UCA’s…

When a vehicle has raised suspension (this can be anything from 30mm or above) it will disrupt the vehicles relationship with factory set geometry and create issues such as…

Roadsafe 4WD have developed their Blackhawk UCA range of product drawing from over 30 years of experience in the manufacture & supply of chassis parts including a full range of steering & suspension components. The Blackhawk UCA’s have been designed in conjunction with industry experts to ensure vehicle fitment is comprehensive. During the development process a large number of potential issues associated with lift were identified, and subsequent features were built into the product to overcome of offset them.

Features standard to the Blackhawk UCA’s are:

OE & Blackhawk Upper control arm samples have been computer modelled and subsequently FEA tested with static and bump/lateral load tests. These results have been reviewed and certified by VASS Engineers locally who unequivocally confirm the design and materials chosen to manufacture the Blackhawk UCA’s by long term suspension manufacturer Roadsafe Automotive products are of sound design and furthermore, exceed the original equipment by design in strength and functionality.

A key feature identified by the FEA testing was the amount of deflection seen between the OE component and the Blackhawk UCA, with the Blackhawk arms being 3 times stiffer than the original equipment, resulting in significant increased handling and feel of your vehicle as the suspension cycles.

The manufacturing process is controlled by Roadsafe with a range of Quality Assurance procedures in place, some of these include…

Welding specifications, Material & procedure

Based on years of experience in manufacturing a large volume of suspension components, Roadsafe is able to ensure the manufacturing process is of a standard delivering a high quality component to market.

RAP415A BH00102KIT BH00304KIT


ADR Compliance

Blackhawk arms have been designed and manufactured to be ADR Compliant; this is a confusing term within the industry as there is not an ADR (Australian Design Rule) to comply with specifically for this product group.

So what does “ADR compliant” mean?

Roadsafe have ensured the Blackhawk UCA’s mount to the vehicle in the standard fitment position, by not moving or changing any of the mounting points at the chassis rail, by utilising rubber bushings at the chassis we have also followed the OE specifications on the vehicle.

Our new HD Balljoint is manufactured as a press fit, circlip retained (where applicable) ball joint in a fixed position, meaning it mounts in the same fashion as the OE component following your vehicle manufacturers general build practice – we have developed a product that complies with the ADR ruling as stated in the NCOP that it is manufactured to meet or exceed the factory item, with built in features & benefits to suit raised suspension.

Some customers wish to consult with a VASS Approved Engineer in order to have the ADR compliant Blackhawk UCA’s and their fitment to their vehicle CERTIFIED in order to receive the appropriate documentation that their vehicle is ADR approved for road use with the Blackhawk UCA’s.

Following is relevant compliance documentation to aid the VASS Approved Engineer in certifying the installed Blackhawk UCA’s:



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