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Roadsafe Chassis Parts

With over 3000 known vehicle applications, and over 4000 individual lines, the Roadsafe chassis parts line-up is the most comprehensive in Australia.

All Roadsafe chassis parts are manufactured to Quality Standards, not price. All items are inspected and tested to ensure Roadsafe’s high quality requirements are maintained prior to release to the market place. Roadsafe have worked exceptionally hard over the past 30 years to build the brand, always keeping up with new technologies and manufacturing techniques, to build new and better features into both the products and ranges.

As manufacturing technology has improved, so too have the parts. The Roadsafe range of chassis parts has undergone some radical changes over the past 10 years, to build extra special features in during manufacture. The outcome being numerous benefits to ensure a superior, high quality, long life product.

Some of these features include the redesign of the Rubber Dust Boots to ensure the boot has a secure and neat fit, thus offering greater resistance to contaminants. Rubber Dust Boot material has also been updated to 100% CR neoprene rubber, offering greater resistance to contaminants and increased longevity. Ball Pins have all been upgraded to SCM435 molybdenum and chromium alloy steel, for superior strength. Ball Pins are Mirror finished to a radius tolerance of 0.0015mm giving the ball stud a superior surface and much smoother movement during rotation. Whilst also on the ball studs, Roadsafe have implemented a hardening process to 20-25 Rockwell with depth of .3-.5mm providing for reduced wear, longer component life and allowing the factory to offer a 3 year, 100,000km warranty on the majority of components.

All of these improved features work hand in hand to ensure Roadsafe chassis parts are at the forefront when it comes to quality and functionality.

The Roadsafe chassis parts line-up is under constant review, with new components added monthly. Recent additions have included European vehicle alloy Control and Caster Arms, plus a huge array of Roadsafe 4WD specific components including complete Patrol Radius Arms and Upper Control Arms to suit for various IFS vehicles.

With constant manufacturing upgrades, commitment to quality and ongoing range development the Roadsafe chassis parts range improves from strength to strength every day.


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