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Greasable style Ball Joints and Tie Rod Ends, are supplied for some vehicle applications. The greasable product has been manufactured in the hard to hard style. They require full greasing upon fitment, and re-greasing on each service, at regular service intervals. Failure to grease these items adequately will void warranty. Each Greasable Ball Joint & Tie Rod End that requires greasing, supplied by our Taiwan factory, includes a note in with the component. This note states that the item requires full greasing upon fitment and re-greasing on each service. It is imperative that as an END USER, you know to grease your ball joints & tie rod ends (or have them greased) where required. Basically… if it has a grease nipple, grease it! This will save you expensive repairs and replacement costs. As an END USER you do have a responsibility to maintain the components. Fitting and forgetting these safety critical components is not an option!

Inadequate lubrication results in restriction of ball stud movement and additional friction, this further results in greater lateral loads on the ball stud, which in turn leads to fatigue cracking, and eventual failure. Using various metallurgy techniques failure due to inadequate lubrication can be readily determined. There are various things that are looked at including evidence of corrosion, fretting wear, excessive metal-metal contact and fatigue cracking.

It is absolutely imperative that, as a vehicle operator, you know that your ball joints & tie rod ends need regular greasing if they are hard to hard style, and come with a grease nipple.

For additional information on why you need to grease your components please click here.


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