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Steering and Suspension

Keeping your vehicle up with the times.

In some states of Australia it is mandatory to have a safety check of your vehicles steering and suspension components every 12 months, the purpose of this steering and suspension check is to ensure all vehicles on our roads in today’s society are in a roadworthy & safe condition and don’t create a hazardous vehicle.

Whilst your vehicle may look great from the outside, all the stops and starts of day to day driving takes a toll on your steering and suspension components including any related Chassis components, Worn Ball joints & tierod ends could be that shaking in the steering wheel you feel after driving over bumps in the road, coupled with bushings that are not up to standard!

Whilst this only sounds like a few minor components, they all come together to give the handling you expect to be there when something untoward happens, the car may have excessive body roll, or understeer, meaning if you find yourself steering, and it’s not turning as it should, this is understeer, one of the side effects caused by worn chassis components.

If you find that when you turn the wheel to steer, and there is a delay in the steering, this is a result of worn Idler arm &/or Pitman arm, If you get to the extent of a broken Pitman arm, You won’t be going anywhere, as this controls all steering, meaning zero control of the vehicle!! So it is vital to keep your steering and suspension components in excellent working order.

Steering and Suspension components is what Roadsafe are known for, being the largest distributor of Steering and Suspension Chassis components in Australia and New Zealand, There is a large reputation to uphold ensuring we supply quality products to the Industry, Currently Supplying to companies such as Burson’s, Pedders, Automotive brands, and many more.

Steering and Suspension chassis components should not be taken lightly, these are the parts that keep your vehicle in prime condition ready for anything on the road, with the increasing amount of traffic on the roads today and the roads not getting any better, quality components is what will keep your vehicle going!

Last but not the least, check the warranty of the steering and suspension parts carefully from your supplier. Make sure that the supplier offers proper warranty and promises to replace faulty or defected products.

To buy premium quality steering and suspension products at competitive rates, you may consider Roadsafe vehicle steering and suspension range. Visit auto know more about them.


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