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Ball Joint Replacement Claim Form

Please use the form below to claim your no-charge replacement ball joints. Once the replaced ball joint product has been reinstalled, you can then claim reimbursement of any installation costs using this form.

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers.

We are voluntarily recalling, effective immediately, the Part Number BJ3841HD (G17 to H19 batches) ball joint supplied separately and assembled into the following Blackhawk Upper Control Arms UCA3841T (compatible with Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series), UCA3841F (compatible with Toyota FJ Cruiser & Prado 150 Series), UCA3841H (compatible with Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series), and UCA3841P (compatible with Toyota Prado 120 Series).

Affected products have a batch code of 3841HD-G17K to 3841HD-H19K inclusive and were sold from July 2017 to August 2019 by Specialist Wholesalers Pty Ltd, trading as Roadsafe.

Customers affected should fill in the form below to claim their no-charge replacement ball joints.

If the affected product has not been fitted or installed on a vehicle, return the product to your place of purchase for a full refund. Scroll down to view Frequently Asked Questions about this Ball Joint replacement program.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is my car affected?

    If you purchased Blackhawk UCA’s prior to September 2019 then yes lets replace them to have 100% confidence. There is batch codes laser etched to all Ball joints and UCA’s which need to be verified to be eligible.

    Where do I find the batch code?

    Simply remove the housing top cap on the UCA.  Inside you will see the ball joint grease nipple – around the grease nipple will be the ball joint batch code.  It will look like… 3841HD-K17F.

    If this is not visible, located on the tube of the UCA near the bush will be a secondary batch code that will suffice.

    It is the “K17” section of the batch code that we are interested in to determine whether the ball joint falls within the replacement range.

    Will you cover my labour costs?

    Yes, Roadsafe will be covering the labour costs to remove the upper ball joints and replace them with new ones. 

    How long will it take to fix?

    Once you have received the replacement ball joints, as an indication of timing, based on our knowledge of replacement, it should take an accredited mechanic approximately 30 minutes per side to remove/replace the ball joints.

    Do I need a wheel alignment?

    No, as the Upper control arm is a fixed component with no adjustment there is no need to get a new wheel alignment. There is no need to adjust or touch the lower control arm during the replacement of upper ball joints.

    What will the new ball joints cost?

    Roadsafe will be covering the cost of the new replacement ball joints.

    Who can replace the ball joints?

    You can use your preferred choice of repairer, or we can assist in recommending someone in your area. The Roadsafe website under store locator can show you people in your area.

    How do we know the new ones are ok?

    Quality control processes that have been satisfactory for many decades have been further improved to identify further quality assurance measures. These tests have been completed in Australia in a NATA accredited test facility, as well as supplier SGS batch testing during manufacturing.

    Is there anything wrong with the Blackhawk UCA?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the fabricated arm itself, this has never had a failure and has also been tested to conform with the NCOP ADR regulations.

    How many ball joints are affected?

    Our figures indicate the failure rate to be exceptionally low and well below the threshold for a warranty recall, however in the interest of customer safety & complete satisfaction we have chosen to voluntarily recall this product.

    What’s wrong with the ball joints?

    There may be an intermittent manufacturing error with one of the components used in the ball joint assembly, this error exacerbates premature wear typically associated with poor servicing and lack of greasing at initial installation.

    Moving forward…

    In order to address this we have:

    How do I get reimbursed for the cost of re-installation?

    Contact Roadsafe to make a claim via or via with a copy of your receipt and the claim form completed.


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