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Lift FX

The Roadsafe 4WD ‘Lift FX’ kits have been designed as an economical bolt in suspension option to simply raise the rear suspension and correct alignment at the same time. Manufactured from high quality components and completed in a discreet E-coat black finish for that factory look.  To compliment the additional height in the rear a Coil strut spacer kit option is available to level up the front suspension, where required, giving an all-round improvement.

Roadsafe ‘Lift FX’ kits include an innovative new feature. The lift blocks feature a machined tapered face to correctly align the pinion angle required as a result of the newly installed lift block, reducing the likelihood of increased driveline vibrations with the increased ride height. Roadsafe designed, this new feature is a perfect inbuilt correction for these applications.

Engineering the tapered blocks and coil strut spacers from high grade Billet 6061 aluminium to offer the best finish, while keeping the weight down!

All the components are ADR compliant for fitment, meeting VSB14 requirements in the NCOP, so perfectly legal for fitment! And that includes the Coil strut spacer – providing it is fitted onto factory suspension and not exceeding the maximum height allowance for your area.

Click on the LIFTFX logo to see the current application guide.

Lift FX kits are available as a standard kit ie. SLB5# & SLB6# series numbers that include the ubolts & machined lift blocks.

SLB1## series kits include the ubolts, machined lift blocks and corresponding Coil Strut Spacers to suit.

Associated components, as noted above, are included as standard in the relevant SLB 5# & 6# series kits.  SB041 is the Rear Brake Line Spacer for the Hilux, TSS001 is the Transmission Spacer Kit for the Ranger/BT50.




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