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GQ & GU Patrol

As featured in 4WD Custom Guide Ed. 36 – Jan 2011 – Roadsafe now have a GU Patrol Hub Socket available.

Roadsafe Automotive now has a 1/2in drive hub socket to suit for the hub set-up on the late GQs and GU Patrols.

As Patrol drivers would be aware, the hub nuts in the late GQs and the GU are not a regular hex nut with flat edges. Instead, they are circular in shape and are secured with two screws and a lock plate. To adjust the bearing preload, the lock plate is removed and a spanner with two extended pins is used to engage with two driver holes in the hub nut. You could make you own spanner or use a drift and a hammer, but why would you when this hub socket makes it so easy to use your 1/2in socket drive to tighten or remove the wheel bearings.

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