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General Product Information

With more than 2700 known vehicle applications, featuring over 3000 individual lines in both our Roadsafe and O.E.M. Products ranges, plus an additional range of over 700 lines in our ‘555’ Japanese brand, we believe that our steering and suspension line-up is the most comprehensive in Australasia, with continued part number development as needs are identified.

All Roadsafe parts are manufactured to Quality Standards and are inspected and tested to ensure the company’s high quality requirements are maintained prior to release to the market place. Roadsafe have worked exceptionally hard over the past years to build new and better features into both the products and ranges.

As manufacturing technology has improved, so too have the parts. The Roadsafe range of components have undergone some radical changes over the past years, to build extra special features into the parts. The outcome being, numerous benefits to ensure a superior long life product.

Full encapsulation also means that there is no need for grease nipples. Many alternative brands offer encapsulated product, but still offer the provision for greasing with a grease nipple, which is unnecessary. If actually greased in these circumstances, the grease has nowhere to go, and if pressure is continued, greasing can result in the dislocation of the base plate and subsequent failure of the joint.

Where Roadsafe’s new product is fully encapsulated it is supplied without grease nipples.



Roadsafe offer you Australia’s most comprehensive Steering & Suspension components manual. Following it’s release to the market in November 2007, Roadsafe have not stopped working on it!

Now incorporating over 9 years of research work, Roadsafe are constantly improving and adding to the manual to ensure it is the leader in the Australian market.

With more than 3000 known vehicle applications, featuring over 3500 individual lines in both our Roadsafe and O.E.M. Products ranges, plus an additional range of over 700 lines in our ‘555’ Japanese brand, we believe that our steering and suspension line-up is the most comprehensive in Australasia, with continued part number development as needs are identified.

Roadsafe, together with our parent company Camelot Design Industries Group Pty. Ltd., is the major supplier of steering and suspension components to the Australian automotive aftermarket. As a consequence, our part numbers are the most widely used in Australia. For the convenience of users of the new manual we have also included known alternative numbers for many applications.

The manual has been further enhanced by adding numerous parts photographs and suspension set-up illustrations to assist in identifying ‘difficult’ components.

Effective 2015 we will no longer be printing our Steering & Suspension components manual.  So if you have one… hang onto it!  We will be running our Online Catalogue only.  Online has proved the most successful in making sure you have the most up to date information at your fingertips – day or night, weekday or weekend.

Roadsafe Online Catalogue

Use the New Roadsafe Online Catalogue for the most up to date listings and information.

Being ‘live’ the new online catalogue is able to be immediately updated, so any changes will be reflected as soon as they are made.

If you come across any required changes, updates or additional fitments… or any applications you want us to add – email us with your suggestions to

Visit our Online Catalogue.

Roadsafe Automotive Products Pty. Ltd. (RSV) has prepared the printed manual and online catalogue as a general reference guide only, and users should independently ascertain the suitability of each product for a particular application.  Manufacturers’ names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.  The manual or online catalogue does not imply that any such parts are available for supply by RSV.  The information contained within the manual or online catalogue is correct to the best of our knowledge and belief, having been compiled from official sources and those which we believe to be reliable.  However, because of the possibility of human error and misinformation, we DO NOT GUARANTEE the accuracy, suitability or completeness of any information contained therein, and DO NOT ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY for possible error.  All drawings, illustrations and measurements as listed in the manual or online catalogue are to be used as a general guide only.  RSV assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions and is not liable for any loss or damages resulting from the use of the manual or online catalogue.


4WD Components


Roadsafe have a full array of 4WD Components to suit a huge variety of vehicles and applications.  From Adjustable Panhard Rods, Drag Links, Track Rods, Trailing Arms, Recovery Gear, Shackles, Brackets & Braces, Radius Arms, Sway Bar Links, Sway Bars, Drop Boxes, Diff Drops, Upper Control Arms, Tail Shaft Spacers, Transmission Spacers, Coil Strut Spacers, Coil Spring Spacers, Strut Mounts, Bushings, Wheel Spacers, Battery Trays, Underbody Protection, Tow Points, Recovery Gear, Lift Blocks, Coil Retainers, General Offroad Accessories, Ram Extensions, Compressors, Towing Accessories, Camping Solutions, Mudflaps, Brake Lines… the list goes on & on.  Check out the 4WD Tab on the main page for more information about the 4WD range – or have a look at the New Product Releases!  You will see the range is huge, and the variety exceptional.  Our basic goal, when it comes to components for the 4WD’s, is… ‘if you lift it, we will endeavour to have something to fix all the issues caused by the lift’!

Ball Joints

The ball joint basically serves as the pivot point between the tyre and the suspension. Roadsafe ball joints are manufactured to exacting standards and offer customers:

Roadsafe offer over 500 catalogued ball joint numbers, featuring both upper and lower ball joints, suiting hundreds of known applications. Development is constant for new applications as the demand is identified. It is imperative to get your ball joints checked at relevant service intervals. Excessive play in the ball joint can affect wheel alignment and tyre wear. Loose joints can also cause suspension noise (typically a “clunking” sound when hitting a bump).

ball joints

Ball Joints – Encapsulated vs Mechanical or “hard to hard”

In the aftermarket, there are two main types of ball joint – Encapsulated and Mechanical The question is often asked what is the difference and which one is more suitable.

Encapsulated design ball joints are ‘sealed for life’, in other words they are completely maintenance free. They have a smoother feel during articulation and are mainly designed for passenger vehicles.

Mechanical ball joints are not sealed and are supplied with grease nipples for lubrication at regular intervals (Roadsafe recommends servicing these joints at every oil change). They are typically found in older vehicles or light commercial/ 4WD vehicles as they are more suitable for load bearing vehicles.

When it comes to deciding between encapsulated or spring and seat design ball joints, Roadsafe determine the most suitable design for the application. As such, the customer never needs to be concerned that they are being supplied a ball joint that may not be suitable for the vehicle.

All of Roadsafe’s ball joints are manufactured to exacting standards. The plastic seat within the ball joint is made from a unique material and designed to be completely smooth, the ball pin is mirror finished for better wear characteristics, and smooth operation, specialised dust covers made from CR ( chloropene rubber ) work to reduce to a minimum the amount of dust and foreign bodies or moisture entering the part, improving life span.

Roadsafe use a special grease formula which helps to avoid corrosion and increase durability. This grease is also supplied to some OE manufacturers.

This attention to the original equipment standards is what makes Roadsafe stand out from other suspension and steering suppliers in the market.

Control Arms

control arms

The control arm basically serves as the interface between the chassis and the wheel end assembly. The control arm is responsible for allowing for independent vertical travel of the wheels.

Roadsafe offer over 200 catalogued Control Arm numbers, suiting hundreds of known vehicle applications, for both Upper & Lower locations. In many circumstances a mechanic might just replace the bushings in a control arm, however where the arm aperture enlarges or changes shape due to numerous ball joint installations, or is damaged in other ways, a complete replacement control arm is available.

Cross Axis Ball Joints

cross axis ball joints

Cross Axis Ball Joints, also known as Hyme Joint or Swivel Joints, are relatively new to the Roadsafe range. At this stage featuring three part numbers to suit for Territory/BA Falcon Toe Arms and Nissan Patrol GU Panhard Rods, the range is expected to grow significantly as new wear items become known.

Drag Links

drag links

As part of the front end range, Roadsafe offer a full compliment of ‘long rods’. Featuring a variety of Drag Links, Centre Rods, Track Rods and Side Rods, Roadsafe offer over 200 catalogued numbers, suiting hundreds of known vehicle applications. A key feature of the Roadsafe product range is development and range rationalization. Where it is identified that a ‘small difference’ is evident between components on similar models, Roadsafe investigate ways of rationalizing so only one component will cover for both applications. Such is the case with the Drag Links for the Nissan Patrol. The Roadsafe Nissan Patrol Drag Links – DL700S and DL710S – have been designed based on a combination of the two different styles that are present for each application.

Basically the DL700S replaces the two genuine drag links listed for the GQ Patrol and the DL710S replaces the two genuine links listed for the GU Patrol. Since the only difference between the genuine models is the steering damper brackets – the team at Roadsafe designed the new components with two brackets on each item to allow for fitment for either application in the range. While at the drawing board, the links were also designed to be Heavy Duty, with additional heavy duty replaceable ends, and adjustable to suit for lifted vehicles. A worn ‘long rod’ can cause a variety of steering related issues including wandering, erratic steering and excessive tyre wear.

Idler & Pitman Arms

Idler Arms


The Idler arm is used on vehicles with conventional suspension systems and parallelogram steering. This type of suspension and steering arrangement is used on many rear-wheel-drive vehicles and most light trucks. Essentially, the idler arm is a pivoting support for the steering linkage. The idler arm consists of a bracket, an arm that connects the bracket to the centre link of the steering linkage, and an internal pivot bearing. The purpose of the idler arm is to assist the pitman arm by supporting the steering linkage as it moves in the direction controlled by the steering gear. The range of Roadsafe Idler arms features over 150 catalogued numbers, suiting hundreds of vehicle applications. All Roadsafe idler arms are manufactured to exacting standards. Quality bush components are used to provide accurate steering and, where required, steering “return to centre”. The most common vehicle symptoms associated with a worn idler arm include wandering, tyre edge wear, and lose or erratic steering.

Pitman Arms

pitman arms

A Pitman arm is used on vehicles with conventional suspension systems and parallelogram steering. This type of suspension and steering arrangement is used on many rear-wheel-drive vehicles and most light trucks. The pitman arm usually consists of a splined arm that connects with the steering gear and a threaded bearing stud and seat. The upper part of the bearing stud connects to the centre link of the steering linkage. The purpose of the pitman arm is to attach to the steering gear shaft and act as a lever, converting torque from the steering gear to mechanical force for movement of the steering linkage. Roadsafe offer over 120 catalogued pitman arm numbers, suiting hundreds of vehicle applications. The range is under constant development as wear needs are identified. All Roadsafe pitman arms are manufactured to exacting standards with accuracy in angles and dimensions to ensure factory steering geometry is maintained. The most common vehicle symptoms associated with a worn pitman arm include play in the steering wheel, wandering, tyre edge wear and lose or erratic steering.

King Pin Kits


Suspension systems utilizing King Pins generally follow two layouts. The most common layout, as used in independent suspension systems, the King Pin is attached to the upper and lower wishbones by horizontal bushes. The sub axle carrier with bushings top and bottom then pivots on the King Pin. The other King Pin layout differs from this, in that the King Pin is held at the end of an axle beam, and does not have wishbones. This method is generally employed by commercial vehicle designs. The Roadsafe King Pin Kit range features over 150 catalogued numbers for both light and heavy truck applications. The Roadsafe range of King Pin Kits incorporate many refinements such as triple key ways, and hard chrome finish giving lower inventory costs and longer wear characteristics.

Rack Ends

rack ends

Sometimes referred to as Inner Tie Rods, the rack ends, as the name suggests, connects directly to the end of the rack, providing the connection to the outer tie rod ends. The rack end is mainly used in rack & pinion type steering systems. The purpose of the rack end is to transfer the force, which is transformed from the circular motion of the pinion into the horizontal linear motion of the rack, to the left and right wheels. Roadsafe rack ends are manufactured to OE Specifications, and where required include a lock nut and boot locking washer. Roadsafe catalogue over 320 rack end numbers, suiting hundreds of known vehicle applications. All Roadsafe rackends are rigorously tested. Some of the tests include articulation, rotational torque and pullout force. A worn rack end can cause wandering, erratic steering and excessive tyre wear.

Remanufactured Stub Axles

reman stub axles

Roadsafe stock a full range of Remanufactured Stub Axles to suit Falcon EA-EL models. All Roadsafe Stub Axles are remanufactured in house. All stubs are cleaned, checked, measured, ball joints and or bushings removed, re painted, new joints or bushings fitted, batch coded, and boxed with id label and copy of batch code. Remanufactured Stub Axles are popular items that remove the time and trouble for the mechanic.

Remanufactured Suspension Arms

reman arms

Roadsafe remanufacture a range of Suspension Arms in house at our Melbourne facility. The exchange section receives old core, cleans, inspects, measures, de bush, paints, re bush, batch codes, boxes and labels ready for dispatch. Roadsafe offer a full range of reman Holden and Commodore suspension arms. Reman arms are offered as an alternative to just bushings and ball joints as a convenience and cost saving to mechanics and DIYers. We do all the hard work, so all you have to do is remove the old unit, and install the new one.

Rubber Dust Boots

rubber dust boots

Roadsafe offer a full range of replacement rubber dust boots. Consisting of 18 numbers – the kits are supplied with a pair of boots with retaining rings where required. Boots are generally ordered via dimensions – or a listing specific to individual part numbers.

Rubber dust boots are predominately made from CR material – Chloropene Rubber. CR material is treated for high ozone and weather resistance, low flammability, and high oil, fuel and chemical tolerance, offering greater resistance to contaminants and increased longevity.

Sway Bar Links

sway bar links

Featuring over 210 part numbers which cover over 345 specific vehicle applications. The newly expanded range covers a huge variety of fitments including Commodore and Falcon. Roadsafe are also currently expanding the range further to include a greater variety of 4WD and Commercial vehicle applications including Landcruiser and Patrol.The Sway Bar Link is usually a ‘ball/ball’ style application, and in some instances it may be a combination of a ‘ball/pin’ or ‘pin/pin’ application.

Most sway bar links vary in length, and the ball fittings of each end are not always parallel. It is due to these huge variations that Roadsafe have expanded the range, to allow customers to choose ‘specific’ fitments. It is also due to the huge variety that Roadsafe have also included Universal ‘ball/ball’ style sway bar links in the range. Manufactured with a removable end, the universal component is able to be trimmed to the desired size to suit the required application. These universal links offer a competitive ‘off the shelf’ option for immediate supply to your customer. When sway bar links wear out or are damaged they can cause a rattle while driving, increased and uneven tyre wear, and may impair handling characteristics. Sway bar links need to be inspected regularly and replaced if found to be worn or damaged.

Tie Rod Ends

tie rod ends

The Roadsafe Tie Rod End category is the largest segment of our extensive front end range. A tie rod end is basically a flexible coupling in the steering linkage that connects the tie rods to the steering knuckles. With over 1000 catalogued numbers, suiting thousands of known applications, the range is constantly being expanded as new requirements are identified.

Roadsafe offer both inner and outer tie rod ends for applications, depending upon wear issues identified. A loose or worn tie rod will cause a feathered wear pattern on tyres, and is probably the leading cause of rapid tyre wear.


If there is a Warranty Claim on our products, we will try to make the process quick and easy.  Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

The majority of Passenger Vehicle steering & suspension products as distributed by Roadsafe Automotive Products Pty. Ltd. (RSV), including Roadsafe, O.E.M. Products and 555 Sankei Japan brands, carry a 36 month / 100,000kms (whichever occurs first) warranty. 4WD, Taxi and Commercial Vehicle steering & suspension products as distributed by Roadsafe Automotive Products Pty. Ltd. (RSV), including Roadsafe, O.E.M. Products and 555 Sankei Japan brands, carry a 24 month / 40,000kms (whichever occurs first) warranty.  This warranty is applicable to components supplied for specific applications as listed in the Roadsafe/OEM Components Manual, from date of purchase by original purchaser. If any item as covered by this warranty, correctly selected and fitted by qualified persons (Registered and Accredited Mechanic), fails to operate in the manner for which is was designed due to manufacturers defect in workmanship or materials, the item may be returned to the source of purchase with original invoice. The original purchaser will contact RSV and, if the warranty claim is found to be acceptable, will receive replacement item free of charge. RSV’s sole responsibility relating to the terms of this warranty, if any, shall be the replacement of the particular product as indicated. RSV assumes no responsibility for damages or failure due to improper selection, installation, mishandling, severe off-road use, abuse, labour claims or any consequential damages.

There are various items within the range whereby 36 month/100,000 or 24 month/40,000 kms warranty terms are not applicable – this exclusion relates specifically to items used in 4WD off-road applications and items with inherent design characteristics from genuine, whereby the loads and conditions to which the joint is subjected means normal warranty conditions cannot apply. These items will be managed on a case by case basis as/if required. All ball joints that have been designed by the OE supplier to be in a ‘load carrying tension position’ will be covered by a 12 month / 20,000 kms warranty (whichever occurs first). This includes, but is not limited to, BJ3562L, BJ3562R, BJ55, BJ426, BJ426L+ARM , BJ426R+ARM, BJ3396R , BJ3396L etc. Items fitted to vehicles with wheel and/or suspension design changes from standard are excluded from warranty. Such suspension design changes include either the lifting or lowering of vehicles. Such wheel changes predominately mean the fitment of wheels and tyres larger than standard. Unfortunately, some wheel or suspension design changes, alter both the steering geometry and forces applied to existing components that can have an effect on individual components, that have been manufactured to specific tolerances and operating angles. This warranty statement incorporates the exclusive expression of warranties by RSV and is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied.

Roadsafe 4WD branded Compressors carry a 36 month (3 year) warranty – conditions per above.

Agency line items distributed by RSV are covered by the specific Manufacturers Warranty applicable to the relevant brand.

Individual State Regulations – ‘Hard Core’ 4WD Products

There are many individual State & Federal laws governing the changes you can make to your 4WD if it is to be used for public road use in Australia. Roadsafe Automotive Products Pty. Ltd. supply a range of ‘hard core’ products for off-road, competition vehicle use. Roadsafe Automotive Products Pty. Ltd. at no time implies or suggests that any ‘hard core’ 4WD products sold or supplied from Roadsafe are legal and/or approved for public road use. Roadsafe Automotive Products Pty. Ltd., and/or any of their employed staff, is not in any position to give any legal advice on the rules, regulations or legalities of any products sold or fitted for any public road use in any specific state or territory, or part of Australia. It is solely up to the end purchaser to check with Local / State Transport Department to determine if these products are legal to be used on your vehicle for public road use. Roadsafe Automotive Products Pty. Ltd. accepts no responsibility for products supplied if they do not meet relevant state approvals to be used on Australian Roads.