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New Car Warranty

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have recently provided updated  information with regard to consumer rights and servicing cars under warranty.  This information is consistent with previous guidance that the Australian Consumer Laws (ACL) gives car owners a guaranteed level of protection for vehicles they buy and that this guarantee applies regardless of any other warranty offered by a vehicle manufacturer.

Furthermore, there is NO REQUIREMENT under the Australian Consumer Laws (ACL) for a vehicle to be serviced by an authorised dealer in order for the consumer guarantees to apply.

There are some minimal essential requirements that you must abide by to comply with, one such point being to “use quality spare parts from reputable suppliers”.

If the manufacturers warranty requires that appropriate quality parts be used, then non-genuine replacement parts that are interchangeable with genuine parts can be used if they are of an acceptable standard and appropriate for the intended purpose.   Roadsafe is a reputable  supplier, having been involved in the Aftermarket Industry for over 30 years,  and the replacement parts manufactured by Roadsafe are of a level that meets or exceeds the genuine equivalent.  So you can use Roadsafe replacement parts with confidence. 

For a full outline of WHICH WARRANTY IS WHICH, and how you can maintain your vehicle new car warranty please read the AAAA-New-Car-Servicing-Brochure-Digital